Why Eurojuris España?

Through the spanish associacion of lawyers Eurojuris España our clients have access to a network of over 5,000 qualified lawyers in 610 locations in Spain and Europe that provide full legal coverage. With Eurojuris España our clients can develop their business at an international scale while enjoying the trust and care of a local lawyer.

All of the law firms within Eurojuris España are well-known firms in the areas where they are located, chosen for their efficiency, language skilss and international outlook. They are all integrated by English, German, Frechn speaking lawyers.

The Eurojuris España headquarters in Madrid makes sure that the established deadlines and fees are respected, and personally follows up on the legal consultations that are made, thereby ensuring that the commitments made to our clients are properly met. We guarantee the registration of all our lawyers in the different “Colegios de Abogados” which allows them to practice law Spain and that all law firms hold professional indemnity insurances.

Eurojuris España is governed by its own Code of Ethics that complies with the Code of Conduct of European Lawyers of the Council of Bars & Law Societies of Europe. Beyond the standards set by the organization in Spain, all of the firms that belong to Eurojuris España must also meet the parameters established by Eurojuris International.

We offer our clients, whether businesses or individuals, Spanish or international, with the personalized service and care that only our local law firms can provide, and without foregoing the international reach that their business requires.