Legal advice on real estate in Spain

The lawyers of Eurojuris España, provide legal counsel and assistance in Real Estate matters in Spain and will adapt their services to the necessities of each particular transaction and client:

Previous enquiries:

  • At the Land Registry: ownership, description of the property, liens, encumbrances and charges
  • At the Cadastre: ownership, description, tax value
  • At the Tax Office: tax debts
  • At the Town Hall: zone regulations, planning situation and planning charges, legality of the construction
  • Property in condominium: community debts, extraordinary expenses
  • Construction conditions: necessary arrangements for an appropriate expert testimony
  • Property value: necessary arrangements for an appropriate expert appraisal


Regularisation of the Registry, Cadastre, tax and planning situation of the property – Analysis of the financial and tax aspects of the transaction – Company incorporation – Registration at the tax administration (natural person or body corporate) – Assistance in obtaining financing through mortgage – Preparation and legalisation of documents:

  • Preparation of Power of Attorney
  • Assistance in obtaining a Hague Convention Apostille legalisation
  • Assistance in obtaining (sworn) translations


Drafting / revision / negotiation of private contracts (of sale, hire, option to purchase, for services, etc.):

  • Draft and negotiation
  • Revisions
  • Assistance to the client when signing the contract or signature of the same by proxy on behalf of the client


Drafting / revision of public deeds (of purchase, mortgage, acceptance of an inheritance, incorporation, declaration of a newly built construction, etc.) in collaboration with the Notary Public:

  • Preparation and revision of the documents necessary for the execution of the deedElaboration of a draft and revision of the contents of the deed prepared by the Notary Public according to this draft
  • Assistance to the client when signing the contract or signature of the same by proxy on behalf of the client

Assessment and payment of taxes – Registration at the Land Registry Office and at the Cadastre – Change of water, gas and electricity supply contracts and telephone services – Assistance to the client in his relationships with other professionals involved in a real estate transaction:

Buyer/seller, Real Estate agent, Building contractor, Architect and building supervisor, Notary Public, Property appraiser, Construction expert, (Savings) Bank, Insurance company, Administrator of building or residential complex in condominium, Tax Authorities, own Council and the other Public Ad.

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