About us

Eurojuris España is a Spanish Network of International Lawyers in Spain.

We are a not-for profit association with a clear international outlook and the exclusive agent in Spain of Eurojuris International, the first network of law firms present in 27 countries of the European Union and with collaborators worldwide: more than 5,000 lawyers is 610 different locations.

The objective of Eurojuris España is to provide our Spanish and international clients, as well as our business and individual clients, with legal advice in Spain from local spanish lawyers and in the language they require.

To that end, Eurojuris España is supported all over Spain by experst within the legal field: prosecutors, sworn translators and notaries.

The geographic extent of our network of lawyers gives access to an internal structure that is increasingly necessary in Europe’s current globalization and allows us to deal with any legal cross-border matter.

The Eurojuris España headquarters and coordinator are located in Madrid, although you can find legal assistance all over Spain through its law firm members.