Official Translation of Deed of Variation

Official translators normally have to translate a document called Deed of Variation when dealing with English probate documentation to be used in Spain if the deceased had assets in this country.

A Deed of Variation is a document which modifies a Last Will and Testament after the testator has passed away. To be legally valid, the Deed of Variation has to be signed by the parties involved within two years from the testator’s death. The beneficiaries named in the Will have to agree with the Deed of Variation as they will have to sign together with the new beneficiaries (if any).

In Spain there is no a document like the Deed of Variation. The official translator will have to produce an official translation of a document with no equivalent in Spain.

The official translator will translate the Grant of Probate enclosing a copy of the Will together with the Deed of Variation which modifies the Will as agreed by the parties involved. The English documents apostilled together will their official translations will be submitted to the relevant Spanish authorities or institutions such as notaries, land registrars or banks.

Dalila Segador Moreno

English-Spanish Sworn translator