Mr. Enrique Delgado-Schwarzmann Jiménez the new president of Eurojuris Spain

The Spanish and French delegations of the international network of law firms Eurojuris held their respective assemblies simultaneously in Malaga, as part of a joint conference.

Eurojuris is an international network of law firms with over 6,000 lawyers in 40 countries worldwide and provides users with a reliable platform to legal advice at an international level.

In Spain, the network is represented in 13 Spanish provinces. The offices are not only well established and have a long professional history in place but they are also characterized by a strong international vocation. Thus, a membership to the Eurojuris network, allows individuals to interact with lawyers from around the world regardless of the size of the firm and at a reasonable cost.

With the holding of the conference, which focused on The era of time, and included the participation of journalists and legal professionals at the highest level, both Eurojuris France and Eurojuris España held their national assemblies.

Marina Bugallal, former partner at Mariscal Abogados & Asociados resigned after more than 10 years as head of the presidency. The representatives of Eurojuris España voted and elected Mr. Enrique Delgado-Schwarznann Jiménez unanimously as new president of the Spanish association.

Mr. Enrique Delgado-Schwarzmann Jiménez is a partner at DSVC Delgado Schwarzmann–Vila Clavero & Asociados, that have offices in Malaga and Torrosz-Costa. With over 10 years of experience exercising the profession, alongside strong international vocation supported by international work. They operate in Spanish, English, French and German. Since 2012 he has been the 11th Deputy of the Governing Board and Treasurer of the distinguished Malaga Bar Association, he has also been a founding member of the Alumni Association of the French Lycée in Malaga D.

With the appointment of Mr. Enrique Delgado-Schwarzmann Jiménez as president, Eurojuris Spain further strengthens its international position within the international network.