New Regulation for the recognition and enforcement of court orders

On 10 January 2015, the European Parliament and Council’s (EU) Regulation 1215/2012 of 12 December 2012, relating to the jurisdiction, recognition, and enforcement of court orders in civil and commercial matters (hereafter: “the Regulation”) came into force. The Regulation marks a new landmark in the process of European integration in the field of Judicial Administration, governed principally by the goal of guaranteeing quick and simple recognition and enforcement of court orders issued in a Member State.

Regulation of advertisements in Spain

Indirect Advertising

Advertisement in Spain can be achieved in several indirect ways, each of which is regulated by different laws.

Editorial advertising is set out in Article 9 of the General Advertising Law. This law requires that mass media clearly differentiate advertising from informative material. Article 17 of Law 7/2010 of 31 March 2010 regulates another type of advertisement called product placement.

Definition and Legal Requirements of a SOCIMI

Definition of SOCIMIs (Real Estate Investment Trust)

 SOCIMIs are public limited companies whose main activity is to invest, directly or indirectly, in urban real estate for leasing. It is the Spanish adaptation to vehicles known as Real Estate Investment Trusts already existing in Europe: in France, the sociétés d’investissements immobiliers cotées (SIICs); in Germany, the denominadas Immobilien-Aktienge-sellschaft mit börsennotierten Anteilen; or, the Real Estate Investment Trusts in the United Kingdom.