Is merger still a choice for law firms?

The first principle towards mergers of law firms is that it must be considered as a means to an end. Merger is a scheme which allows certain aims to be fulfilled. These aims can be linked to growth strategy, gaining markets’ shares, approaching other types of clientele, strengthening the firm, ensuring economic stability, attracting new lawyers with a specific profile, pursuing competition…

Alternative Dispute Resolution

People and companies may  wish to face and solve their differences out of a judicial process, for this is frequently long and expensive in Spain. “Alternative dispute resolution” refers to any procedure by means of which parties involved settle their conflict outside the courtroom.

Spanish Law Applicable to Commercial Agents

As part of a series concerning the law applicable to commercial agents in the member states of the EU, the authors give an overview with especially practice-oriented information. The Spanish law applicable to commercial agents (“Ley sobre Contrato de Agencia – LCA”) is based on the commercial agents EC directive and is therefore similar to German law.

Bankruptcy proceedings and their possible effects on prior leveraged buy-out operations

In recent years so-called “leveraged buy-outs” (LBO) have been very frequent in Spain. These operations are characterised by being acquisitions of a majority percentage of the share capital of a target company, this acquisition being financed via loans obtained from a third party which are guaranteed with the assets of the target company itself or are repaid by being charged to corporate assets and cash flows expected from the same.

International Purchases. The question of which law applies

An important question which often arises during an international transaction is what law applies to a contract of sale between parties from different countries. Much too frequently, the parties to an international agreement fail to include what is known as a “choice of law” provision. The failure to include such a clause may result in unexpected problems to both parties, especially in the context of debt collection.