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Debt Recovery in the European Union

Article 81 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union establishes a legal basis for the development of judicial cooperation in cross border civil matters within the European Union. A first step in this process can be seen in the introduction of two specific procedures, the European Order for Payment Procedure and the European Small Claims Procedure. These procedures have been introduced in order to bring about a uniform procedure common to all Member States and to remove any barriers that exist in cross border debt collection.

Die Vorbereitung einer Erbschaft: Vorteile einer Schenkung von Todes wegen

Der Tod ist nicht vorhersehbar, aber in bestimmten Fällen können wir uns dem nahen Ende bewusst sein, beispielsweise im hohen Alter oder bei schwerer Krankheit. In Katalonien gibt uns das Gesetz für diese Fälle eine nahezu unbekannte Möglichkeit die Aufteilung und die Kosten unseres Erbes abzusehen. Diese Methode heißt Schenkung von Todes wegen und bietet viele Vorteile gegenüber der herkömmlichen Vererbung.

The donatio mortis causa

The death is not predictable, but in certain cases we should be aware of the end, for example in cases of high age or severe disease. In Catalonia the law gives us an almost unknown possibility of partitioning our heritage and foreseeing its costs in advance.

Spanish Agency Agreement

As defined in Article 1 of the Law of Agency Agreements (from now on LAA), these types of agreements are for which a natural person or legal entity is obligate to promote, or promote and conclude, commercial acts or operations. Unless otherwise agreed, the agent does not assume the risk and responsibility of such operations.